Established in 2000 during the dot.com crash and navigating our way through the global financial crisis in 2008, we have proven our robustness and sustainability in providing professional staffing solutions to a wide range of organisations.

From tech start-ups to global players across the Financial Services, Retail, Online, FMCG, Pharma, Chemicals, Energy, Technology, Travel and Communication industries.

Located in the UK (2000) and Amsterdam (2003), we have built an international local network of skilled professionals fuelled by our passion for connecting skills with projects. Over the years we have fulfilled over 1700 requirements and we currently have 253 professionals from 14 countries allocated to various projects.

After 20 years in business, we decided that 2020 would be the year to rebrand ourselves to build upon the foundation of a successful business model and incorporate Levy company values to drive our future strategy. Our strength is the way that we see and treat people which will be always be a key factor in our strategy for many years to come…multiplying by unity!



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Aim to achieve desirable results, exceed expectations, overcome barriers and setbacks.




Be true to yourself. Act with integrity and be aware of what you believe in and what you stand for.




Take responsibility, recognize and accept the need for change. Adapt behaviour and approach to achieve the desired results for professional, client and personal success.




Take initiative in all ways. Discover and analyze bottle-necks, design solutions for continuous success.



Financial Services

Developments in Fintech have started to shake up financial institutions operating in consumer banking, investment, mortgages and life assurance. Battling for the most customer focused bank, Open banking platform, operating like an e-commerce company, competition in Finance increasingly revolves around finding the right talent fast to facilitate highly demanding customers.

From FinTechs to global investment banks and asset managers, Levy has a strong track record in delivering people to implement and support front to back office systems across financial markets, risk, finance and innovative digital banking initiatives.


Online | Media | Retail

E-commerce now plays a more significant role in our lives than ever before.Organisations need to be at the forefront of the digital revolution to provide their services to their customers, gain market share and remain competitive.

Levy has assisted global publishers and high street retailers in optimizing their supply chain capabilities through the provision of ERP system specialists as well as providing project teams to implement end to end digital transformations across their websites, mobile apps and data initiatives.


Food | Pharma | Chemicals | Energy

The energy sector is currently in a massive technology transformation. This new wave of technology is presenting feasible solutions with capacity to maximize the size in which we use natural sources, rather than traditional fossil fuels. Levy provides the right consultant from IT engineers to architects that are equipped with the next-gen curiosity to be part of this transformation.


Technology | Telecom

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and improvement in Industrial Robotics & Electronics are heading up the vanguard. This sector will see an explosion in the use of robots in industrial applications and increasing collaboration robotic presences in the home and in the workplace. Meanwhile, the rise of the Internet of Things in commercial and personal spaces is driving a true transformation in electronics.

We believe there hasn’t been a more exciting period of growth in telecommunications. That’s why we focus on bringing a multi-disciplined perspective to solve the problems coming to the industry. Whether it’s developing and maintaining new software services, prototyping new IoT hardware or scaling databases to handle global demand, we look forward to collaborating with you in finding the right solution.