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Below we showcase our knowledge and focus across the industries we serve.

Finance Transformed
by Fintech

Levy Search is at the forefront of the fintech revolution, reshaping financial services from consumer banking to life assurance.

The push for excellence now demands innovative, customer-focused teams, fueled by open banking and digital advancements. Success hinges on swiftly integrating talented individuals who align with the rising expectations of discerning clients.

Our Expertise: Connecting Talent with Innovation
Levy Search boasts a notable history of sourcing elite talent for financial systems across markets, risk, and digital banking. Our deep insights and connections across fintech and major banks empower us to lead in talent acquisition, preparing our clients to excel in a competitive landscape.

Dutch Finance: Leading in Trends and ESG Compliance
In the Netherlands, working with top firms like ABN Amro, we’re immersed in evolving trends and ESG compliance, shaping not just local but European finance practices. Our involvement in these areas is critical for navigating and leveraging shifts in the sector.

Revolutionizing Risk with ESG and AI
ESG compliance and AI are transforming risk management, enhancing predictions, and improving customer experiences. At Levy Search, we integrate legal, data, and technology expertise to address these advancements, emphasizing the need for innovative talent in our team.

Growth in Pensions and AI
The pension sector’s growth and AI’s role in risk management open new avenues for innovation. We’re focused on harnessing these opportunities, underlining our strategy to blend business insight with technological advances.

Merging Business Acumen with Tech Innovation
The fusion of business and technology, especially in ESG projects, requires multidisciplinary teams adept in both areas. This trend underscores technology’s critical role in finance, driving us to seek out professionals who thrive at this intersection.

Levy Search is committed to navigating and leading in the financial sector’s future, emphasizing the recruitment of permanent team members who are eager to shape the industry’s evolution. Our expertise and dedication to innovation ensure we provide our clients and our team with the pathways to success in this dynamic environment. 

Levy Search / MedTech

In the dynamic MedTech industry, Levy Search is a key player in driving innovation and technological advancement.

As we move through 2024, three major trends dominate: personalized medicine, wearable health technologies, and AI in diagnostics. These areas highlight the crucial role of digital transformation and analytics in elevating patient care.

Levy Search excels in building elite teams focused on revolutionizing healthcare technology. Our specialists develop groundbreaking solutions, from custom medical devices to AI diagnostics, aiming for healthcare that’s more personalized, efficient, and universally accessible.

We equip top medical device firms with leading data scientists and engineers who utilize big data for critical diagnostic insights, fostering product innovation. Our software engineers spearhead the creation of advanced cloud solutions, while our DevOps experts guarantee smooth product deployments worldwide. By doing so, Levy Search isn’t just adapting to industry trends—we’re actively shaping the future of MedTech, enhancing and saving lives globally.

Our commitment extends beyond project collaboration; we’re actively seeking permanent team members passionate about making a lasting impact in the MedTech field. Join Levy Search as we lead the charge in transforming healthcare through technology.


At Levy Search, we’re dedicated to propelling consumer companies forward with critical technology and transformative projects.

In today’s fast-paced environment, where rapid market changes and growing consumer expectations prevail, the ability to quickly evolve is crucial. Our expertise lies in forming and leading powerful teams focused on technology and change, helping our clients surpass the demands of a digitally-centric market.

What sets Levy Search apart is our profound industry knowledge and global outlook, enriching each project with diverse insights. We guide consumer-centric businesses through digital transformation intricacies, from reshaping business models and supply chains to innovating in product development and customer engagement. Our holistic strategy emphasizes sustainability, health, wellness, and trust, utilizing advanced technology to enhance brand loyalty and leadership.

Our experience spans vital sectors like ecommerce, apparel, and broadcast media, redefining the digital consumer journey with data-led strategies and seamless omnichannel experiences. Leveraging our network of industry veterans, we provide unmatched advice on overcoming online competition, sustainability hurdles, and the evolving digital realm. Levy Search is on a mission to turn consumer companies into agile leaders poised for success in a shifting global landscape.

We’re not just about project-based collaborations; Levy Search is actively seeking permanent team members eager to drive lasting change in the consumer sector. Join us in our quest to redefine industry standards and lead consumer companies to new heights.

Levy Search: Leading Energy Sector Transformation

Levy Search, formerly Levy Professionals, specializes in driving change and technological advancements in the energy industry,

particularly within the oil, gas, and renewable sectors. We’re dedicated to delivering expert teams and insights to enhance efficiency and innovation across the entire energy spectrum—from exploration and production to refining and distribution.

In response to climate change challenges and the evolving talent needs, Levy Search plays a pivotal role in guiding the energy sector towards sustainable and low-carbon solutions. Our strategic consultancy and specialized teams support the transition to renewables, embodying our commitment to a cleaner energy future.

We’re at the forefront of the renewable energy shift, providing top-tier talent and consultancy for wind, solar, bioenergy, and energy storage projects. Our expertise is crucial in meeting the growing demand for skilled professionals in these areas, contributing significantly to global sustainability goals.

Our involvement extends to the burgeoning offshore wind and bioenergy sectors, where we offer comprehensive project lifecycle support and deep understanding of the market’s complexities. From planning and construction to operation and maintenance, Levy Search ensures the success of projects with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Levy Search is actively seeking permanent team members passionate about making a meaningful impact in the energy sector. Join us as we lead the way in transforming energy companies into agile, future-ready entities, capable of navigating the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing landscape.

Levy Search: Advancing Travel, Aviation, and Hospitality with Technology

For over two decades, Levy Search has been pivotal in integrating IT and e-commerce within the travel, aviation, and hospitality industries,

automating processes, cutting costs, and enhancing consumer experiences. Our work spans the full journey lifecycle, impacting a broad spectrum of organizations.

Emerging Trends in Travel Technology

With extensive experience in the UK travel industry, Levy Search is adept at navigating and leveraging key technological shifts, including:

• NDC (Network Distribution Capability): Addressing changes in booking systems and offering expertise from product management to technical architecture.
• AI Optimization: Utilizing generative AI to streamline airline operations and improve customer service.
• Cloud Migration: Assisting in the transition to cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP for better scalability and data analytics.
• ERP Innovations: Supporting the shift to cloud-based ERP systems, such as SAP S/4HANA, facilitating tech-centric projects.
• Data Analytics: Enhancing tour operations with advanced analytics for personalized services and deeper customer insights.

Integrating Advanced Technologies

Levy Search has led the integration of cutting-edge tech in travel and aviation by:

• Developing mobile and web booking systems to meet changing consumer demands.
• Implementing biometric e-gates and IoT for improved airport security and efficiency.
• Transitioning legacy systems to cloud platforms for major airlines, demonstrating our cloud engineering prowess.

Levy Search: Leading IT Transformation in Travel

Our 20-year journey in the travel industry showcases our commitment to guiding clients through IT challenges and spearheading transformation. We’re looking for permanent team members to continue providing top-notch solutions, from specialized developers to cloud engineers, across the travel technology landscape.

Levy Search: Spearheading Innovation in Telecommunications

AI’s Impact on Telecommunications
Levy Search is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI)’s transformative impact on telecommunications,

gearing up for significant advancements in 2024-2025. AI is streamlining operations, refining customer experiences, and delivering predictive analytics, crucial for sales and marketing. Our dedication ensures we lead in adopting these industry shifts.

Technology Meets Telecommunications
We’re witnessing a vital merger of technology and telecom, with a growing need for data engineers and AI experts. Levy Search focuses on filling this talent void, sourcing professionals for both project-based and permanent positions who are adept in data science and engineering.

Navigating the 5G Transition
The 5G network rollout is reshaping telecom, introducing integration challenges with services like CCTV and cloud computing. We’re crafting innovative solutions for these hurdles, ensuring smooth 5G adoption.

Global Interconnectivity and IoT Expansion
The surge in Internet of Things (IoT) usage is propelling us into an era of global connectivity, demanding enhanced network capabilities and fostering industry innovation, especially in consumer and enterprise sectors.

Focus on Developing Markets and IoT
In developing regions, particularly China, the push towards mobile infrastructure is pivotal. This strategy is revolutionizing telecom, especially with the majority of internet data now being wirelessly transmitted.

Our Future: Growth and Collaboration
Telecommunications is undergoing rapid growth, and Levy Search is poised to meet this expansion head-on. We’re engaging in multidisciplinary collaborations, from software development and IoT prototyping to database scaling, to navigate the industry’s challenges and seize its opportunities. We’re actively seeking permanent team members eager to contribute to this dynamic field.

Delivery Disciplines

The disciplines we provide consultants and solutions for across our focus industries

Data and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

At Levy, we’re not just about pioneering data and AI; we’re about integrating enduring talent into your team.

Our permanent Data Engineers and Scientists bring deep expertise to transform data into intelligent, actionable insights. By joining your team, they embed a culture of innovation and expertise, ensuring your business leverages big data for long-term success.

Our permanent Database Analysts and BI Specialists become core members of your team, offering sustained leadership in data visualization and business intelligence. With tools like Power BI, they provide enduring solutions that empower your organization to navigate and strategize based on complex data sets effectively.

The permanence of Data Managers and Officers in your team underscores our commitment to data integrity and security. These professionals safeguard your data governance, ensuring compliance and ethical handling of data assets as integral team members.

Our Data Architects and Quantitative Modelers, as permanent staff, lay down long-term foundations for data systems and business problem-solving, ensuring your strategies evolve with your data. Similarly, permanent Power BI Developers and Data Stewards maintain and enhance data quality and consistency, providing stable and continuous support for your data initiatives.

Cloud Computing

Elevate your business with enduring cloud computing excellence. Our permanent cloud experts, proficient in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

become pivotal members of your team, driving long-term cloud strategies, migration, and management. They ensure your cloud infrastructure is not only current but also scalable and future-ready.

Finance, Risk, and Compliance

Strengthen your financial operations with our permanent experts in finance, risk, and compliance. By becoming part of your team,

they provide continuous insight and leadership, ensuring your business navigates the complexities of today’s financial landscape with a steady and expert hand.


Our permanent infrastructure specialists offer more than just solutions; they become the backbone of your IT systems.

Their enduring presence ensures your infrastructure not only meets today’s needs but is also prepared for tomorrow’s challenges, providing a reliable foundation for your business growth.


With our permanent cybersecurity professionals, enhance your defenses with a team that’s committed for the long haul.

Their ongoing vigilance and strategic approach to digital security fortify your assets against evolving threats, embedding a culture of security within your organization.

Software Development and Testing

Innovate and excel with our permanent software development and testing experts. As core team members,

they drive continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring your software solutions remain at the forefront of technology and business needs.

Enterprise Solutions / Products & Generics

Transform your enterprise solutions with permanent experts in leading platforms like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle.

These team members are not just contributors; they are long-term architects of your digital landscape, ensuring sustained growth and competitive advantage.

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