Addressing a Leader in AI-Hardware’s Talent Acquisition Challenge in Sales


A trailblazer in AI hardware and integrated system manufacturing, stands at the forefront of AI application deployment across various environments, from data centers to the cloud. The organization prides itself on offering a holistic technological service platform, melding custom hardware, advanced software, and pioneering algorithms to introduce the first comprehensive generative AI platform.

Despite its innovative solutions and market leadership, the company faced a pressing challenge: the surge in product demand required a dramatic scaling of the sales teams with AI experience. These roles were crucial not only for maintaining market pace but also for fostering growth in a competitive landscape.

The Solution

Levy Professionals’ Strategic Talent Sourcing


In response to our client’s critical need, We stepped in with a nuanced understanding of both the technical and market-specific challenges at hand. We then embarked on a strategic alignment process, matching the brand’s distinct needs with the proven talent within their extensive network, honed over years of industry engagement.

Levy’s approach was two-fold: deeply understanding the client’s operational ethos and the value proposition for potential employees. This dual insight enabled Levy to secure a dedicated team exclusively for our client, cutting down the hiring timeline by an impressive 40%.

The Results

Accelerated Growth and Market Alignment


The partnership between the employer and Levy Search bore significant fruit within just six months, culminating in the on-site integration of 25 seasoned AI sales experts. This strategic talent infusion allowed our client to not only meet its immediate operational needs but also to align its growth trajectory with the rapid market expansion.

The outcome speaks volumes: the employer was equipped to proceed with its strategic initiatives without delay, ensuring its position remained strong in a fast-evolving market. This case illustrates the pivotal role of targeted talent acquisition in scaling high-tech enterprises in pace with market demands and technological advancements.